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Estate Planning

Deciding what to do with an estate means more than drawing up a last will and testament

While we are not offering legal advice, please consider consulting with a qualified estate planning attorney prior to making any decisions regarding estate planning.

We suggest...

that federal employees track down all of their relevant paperwork prior to sitting down with an estate planner. Specifically, be sure to review the following and make sure that all beneficiaries are correct and up to date:

  • All Life Insurance Policies – those provided as an employee benefit, such as the FEGLI, as well as any privately purchased policies
  • Thrift Savings Plan documentation
  • Unpaid compensation
  • The most current Last Will and Testament

We strongly advise keeping these documents in a safe and secure place. A safe deposit box is a recommended option.

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MyFedLife is pleased to offer a Complimentary Benefit Analysis to qualified Federal Employees enrolled in the FERS or CSRS retirement plans.

This will help government workers better understand where they are today, and what they need to help reach their retirement goals tomorrow.

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